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An Amazing New Horse Feed

Feed time for your horses is never straightforward. Giving your horse the nutritionally balanced diet it needs can often mean sourcing and buying separate ingredients to create a final mix. For one horse this is a bit of a pain, but if you're feeding more - you deserve an option for something else.

You deserve the option of a feed that not only doesn't take bundles of your time (and money) to mix but also satisfies your horse's health, by giving it everything it needs and nothing it doesn't in one bag.

And that’s why The Pure Feed Company was created. The “Easy, economical and horse friendly feed.” When supported by typical levels of grazing and hay, Pure Feed gives your horse all the nutrition it needs.

Horse eating feed

Quality ingredients to improve your horse's health

Many of the feeds available today are either laced in molasses, are full of sugar & starch or have worryingly low levels of vitamins and minerals – some feeds in fact tick all 3 of those boxes. People often forget that molasses and high levels of sugar & starch can cause gastric ulcers, excitability, colic, laminitis and diarrhea.

As a company we left no stone unturned in creating our range of feeds. Horses are our passion and that’s why every single ingredient has been researched into with great precision to ensure that it’s right for our feed. That’s why the feeds are fibre based – so that energy levels are not wasted and so that the horse’s digestive system remains in great condition.

You may now be asking yourself “this sounds good, but is the feed suitable for my horse?”. We understand this totally and that’s why the products in our range differ substantially so they can be suitable for almost any horse.

bags in the pure feed range

Like humans, all horses are different. Their nutritional and energy requirements are dependent on their activity levels as well as their ability to maintain weight. Although all our feeds include our standard balancer (which includes all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids each horse needs), our products vary significantly in their energy content. Our range can feed anything from a laminitis sufferer who does little work and is prone to gain weight all the way up to a 3-day eventer at the Olympics and everything in between!

Have a look at our range of products by downloading our brochure or by visiting our online store

Happy Customers

The whole range maintains a very high standard and this is why our current customers are so happy with the feed. But don't listen to us, just have a look at two of the customers below who saw an improvement in behaviour AND condition. (To have a look at some more testimonials click here )

Jacky Roberts

"Had my horse on your Pure Condition for 3 weeks now!! Absolutely delighted with the feed, he loves it and has calmed down his silly behaviour and already put some weight on fact I'm having to feed less than the recommended amount!! It's a lovely fresh looking feed and such a relief knowing he's not getting molasses smothered rubbish!! Thank you so much for making feeding so much easier than it has been...just wish I'd found you years ago!!"

Jessica & Munch

Have a look below at how much of a difference Pure Feed made to Jess' horse, Munch in three weeks.

Munch before and after

As you can see customers are very happy with the products we offer. Results from a recent survey showed it's not just a handful of customers who are happy with our range of feeds though (survey results correct as of 15 Oct 2012)
• 99% of surveyed current users of our products would recommend Pure Feed products to their friends and family.
• 96% of surveyed current users of our products say that our feed is the most effective feed for their horse’s health they’ve ever tried.

The feedback we've had gives us a lot of confidence in our products. If 96% of our customers say it's the most effective feed they've ever given their horse, then imagine what the feed can do for yours.

I encourage you to visit our online store and compare the ingredients of our products against your current feed to see if you think you can make an improvement to your horse’s health.

Easy to Buy

To buy the feed you can either call us on 0117 230 0027 or visit our online store

We'll answer the phone from 9:00a.m - 5:00 p.m on Monday - Friday. But if you don't get a response straight away then leave us a message or drop us an email and we'll respond as soon as we can.

Remember that
• We deliver direct to your front door or stable yard
• Deliveries take only 2 working days for most locations in the UK (even less in some places)

To find out what feed could suit your horse simply call or email us today

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