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Change from Soya to Rapeseed Oil

As of October 2016 we are now using rapeseed oil in our feeds instead of soya oil. More information on the benefits of rapeseed oil can be found below.

Rapeseed Oil is:
• GM free
• Highly palatable for horses
• Provides high levels of natural Vitamin E which works as an antioxidant
• More favourable omega 3:6 ratio (1:2) than soya oil (as previously used)
UFAS and NOPS approved
• Low food miles – grown and pressed in the UK
• We use cold pressed rapeseed oil which preserves the natural nutritional benefits of the oil including palatability and anti- antioxidants which can otherwise be destroyed by heat or chemical treatment
• High in mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids
• Valuable source of slow release energy

If you have any further queries regarding this changeover please feel free to contact our team on the nutritional helpline.

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