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"We were introduced to Pure Feeds in June of last year. To be honest I'd always been stuck in my ways. Everything we had owned had been fed on mix and topline cubes with a handful of chaff over the years. We bought a pony who had been fed on Pure Condition and decided to give it a go and not only kept her on it but also our other pony. In a matter of a couple of weeks his coat gleamed, he looked fantastic and we were delighted of the amazing comments of how well they both looked. Both our ponies are all-rounders, Jack is 10 yrs old and rides for the school team, attends Pony Club and local shows when time allows but his main love is Hunting and Racing. Both ponies have blossomed, their fitness and well being is wonderful and with just one type of feed delivered direct to our door we are delighted with the ease of feeding Pure Condition. We sold our 12.2 in December and now have a 2nd 13.2, Joey loves the feed and looks great. It is so easy to decrease or increase the feed as work requires and you know they are getting balanced amounts. Since starting on Pure feeds we have gone from ordering 4 bags a time, to a pallet load of 16 as we have recommended it to four local friends so we share delivery. We thoroughly recommend it to everyone."
Kerry Wilmot Head of Equestrian Saint Felix School

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