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Veteran Feeds Launched


As horses get older, they often need a little extra help to maintain their condition and topline. It’s worth remembering that it’s not just horses that are in regular active work which are likely to need additional nutritional help as the years advance. All older horses can benefit.

Getting the feed balance just right in a veteran requires an innate understanding of the changing nutritional needs of the older equine. It is important to feed a diet that is high in fibre and low in starch. Sounds complicated? Well don’t worry, The Pure Feed Company has launched its own dedicated range of quality feeds for Veterans that does all that hard work for you.

Available in a mix or pellet format, the Pure Veteran range combines a high specification balancer with easily digestible fibre and quality oils to provide a slow release energy source. There is no added sugar, molasses or wholegrain cereals ensuring the older horse receives all the nutritional support it needs, without the fizz. Incorporated in the feeds are essential amino acids to provide the necessary building blocks for developing and retaining topline and muscle. In addition high spec pre and probiotics are also included to help keep the hind gut functioning just as nature intended.

Pure Veteran’s low starch appeal ensures it is well placed to meet the nutritional requirements of the older horse suffering from Cushing’s Disease and / or laminitis although it is not a suitable option for an overweight horse or pony.

The Pure Veteran Mix provides a super quick and easy feeding solution for veterans, simply dampen with water before feeding – the mix should be fed at 400g / per 100kg body weight per day.

Poor teeth can often cause feeding problems for the older horse so Pure Veteran Pellets have been developed specifically with this in mind. The pellets can be soaked two parts water to one-part feed to create a soft, palatable and appetizing mash. The pellets should be soaked for up to an hour (using hot water will speed up the process). Always remember to allow the mash to cool down before feeding. Feeding rate is as per the mix, 400g per 100g bodyweight per day.

To find your nearest Pure Veteran supplier visit the website www.thepurefeedcompany.com, you can also buy The Pure Feed Company’s extensive portfolio of feeds and supplements online.


• Formulated by nutritionists with the older horse and pony in mind
• Low in sugar and starch so suitable to feed horses and ponies with cushings or laminitis
• Higher oil content to help maintain weight and promote condition
• High quality amino acids to help prevent muscle wastage and maintain topline
• Palatable and high in digestible fibre
• Contains a balancer tailored specifically for the older horse and their requirements
• Contains a pre and probiotic to help maintain digestive health
• Non- heating -Contains no added sugar, no molasses and no wholegrain cereals to help avoid any diet related excitability
• Veteran Pellets soak to form a mash making it easier for the older horse to chew
• Veteran mix contains a soft chop making it easier for the older horse to chew
• Like for like, £ for £ very economical to feed – contains all the veteran needs including a high spec balancer for optimum mineral and vitamin provision.

For nutritional advice on feeding or on Pure Feed products, please contact the helpline on 0845 49 111 25 or email info@thepurefeedcompany.com

Pure Veteran Range will be available from 1st January 2017

Veteran Feeds

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