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Horse and pony diets are traditionally low in certain electrolytes, particularly sodium. Horses and ponies both in and out of work lose electrolytes on a daily basis in faeces, urine and sweat. These electrolytes must be replaced from the diet as the horse cannot make them itself. Many horses and ponies do not receive sufficient key electrolytes from their basic diet and this reduction can occur over weeks or months and can lead to anything from lethargy and a decrease in performance to more long term effects. Pure Plus balanced electrolyte is a palatable and fully balanced electrolyte supplement for all horses and ponies providing all the major electrolytes in the correct proportions that can be fed according to level of work. The low sugar (less than 5%) content means that Pure Plus balanced electrolyte is suitable for horses and ponies that need to be on a low sugar/starch/carbohydrate intake.

• Extra gentle on your horse’s stomach using microbead technology for improved palatability.
• A lack of key electrolytes is a common cause of poor performance
• Fully balanced to replace losses from training and competition.
• Suitable for horses and ponies on a low sugar/starch diet

FEEDING GUIDE Pony Horse Large Horse
Maintenance/Light Work ½ 1 1½
Moderate Work 1 2 2½
Hard Work / Summer 2 4 5
1 level scoop (25ml) = 28g

Per 25ml scoop (28g): 7.7g Chloride, 4.1g Sodium, 1.7g Potassium, 0.1g Magnesium, 0.1g Calcium.

Composition: Sodium chloride, potassium chloride, vegetable oil, calcium gluconate, dextrose, magnesium phosphate, flavour.

Additives (per kg): EC permitted mint flavour 2g

All products are manufactured under and conform to the BETA UFAS NOPS scheme.

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