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Pure Condition Pellets

This fantastic energy dense pellet is ideal for horses who struggle to keep weight on and have difficulty chewing fibrous material.

Formulated to the highest specification, each of the compacted pellets in this complete feed contains an expertly blended mix of ground fibre, oil and a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a prebiotic for efficient absorption and effective conditioning.

The Pure Condition Pellets can be fed as they are, or they can be soaked with water before feeding to form a mash making them easier to chew.

Wheat feed, Oat feed, Full fat soya, Micronised linseed, unmolassed sugar beet, Soya hulls, Soya oil, Pure balance

Feeding rate
400-600g per 100kg body weight depending on condition and work done.

Supplied in a 15kg bag

*Typical analysis, subject to change without notice

Analysis Table
Protein12%Vitamin C16mg/kgCopper45mg/kg
Oil10%Vitamin B181mg/kgManganese64mg/kg
Fibre 21%Vitamin K4mg/kgZinc123mg/kg
Naturally occurring sugar3%Vitamin B225mg/kgSelenium0.54mg/kg
Starch6%Vitamin B624.6mg/kgIodine0.89mg/kg
Digestible Energy11MJ/kgVitamin B120.1mg/kgSalt0.86%
Calcium0.8%Folic Acid41mg/kgLysine4.5g/kg
Vitamin A8000iu/kgMagnesium0.3%Brewers Yeast1.2g/kg
Vitamin D31600iu/kgNaturally occurring Iron258mg/kgProfeed3.4g/kg
Vitamin E202.2mg/kg

Professional Diet Recommendation

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