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Pure Easy

Pure Easy has been developed as a low energy feed that is suitable for horses and ponies at risk from laminitis and those that are in little or light work. It supplies all the vitamins and minerals required in a small, convenient feed. Based on grass and grass fibre Pure Easy has the addition of quality oat straw and a light coating of Rapeseed Oil for a glossy coat. Pure Balance has been added to supply not only optimum levels of vitamins and minerals, but also ProfeedĀ® and Brewers Yeast to ensure that there are excellent conditions in the hind gut for fibre digestion.

Promotes positive behaviour
Suitable for horse and ponies at risk or prone to Laminitis
Supports excellent digestive health
Supports all round excellent health

Grass chaff, Grass pellets, Oatstraw chaff, Oatfeed pellets, Pure Balance, Rapeseed oil*

*As of October 2016 we will be transitioning from Soya oil to Rapeseed oil in our feeds. More information about Rapeseed oil can be found on our News page.

Feeding rate
400-600g per 100kg of body weight depending on condition and work done.

We recommend that you dampen with water before feeding.

Supplied in a 15kg bag

*Typical analysis, subject to change without notice

Analysis Table
Protein10Vitamin K3mg/kgNaturally occurring Iron16.9mg/kg
Oil6%Vitamin C12mg/kgManganese47mg/kg
Fibre25%Vitamin B161mg/kgZinc68mg/kg
Starch5%Vitamin B218mg/kgSelenium0.36mg/kg
Naturally occurring sugar3.5%Vitamin B120.077mg/kgIodine0.6mg/kg
Digestible Energy8MJ/kgVitamin B618mg/kgSalt1%
Phosphorus0.15%Folic Acid30mg/kgLysine4.3g/kg
Vitamin A11920iu/kgBiotin4.5mg/kgMethionine1.2g/kg
Vitamin D32384iu/kgMagnesium0.1g/kgBrewers Yeast1g/kg
Vitamin E298.8iu/kgCopper31mg/kgProfeed3g/kg

Professional Diet Recommendation

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