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Veteran Pellets

Pure Veteran Pellets are ideal for helping to keep your horse healthy now that they are starting to get older. The perfect solution for the older horse with dental issues; by soaking these pellets you can provide the same fantastic benefits as our fibre based Veteran feed, but in one easily chewed step. Soak with water before feeding to form a mash.

• Perfect for older horses and ponies
• Low in sugar and starch so suitable to feed to a horse with cushings or laminitis
• Higher oil content to help maintain weight and promote condition
• High quality amino acids to help prevent muscle wastage and maintain topline
• Palatable
• Contains our balancer tailored specifically for the older horse and their requirements
• Contains a pre and probiotic to help maintain digestive health
• Non- heating -Contains no added sugar, no molasses and no wholegrain cereals to help avoid any diet related excitability
• Soak to form a mash making it easier for the older horse or those with poor dentition to chew

Soak 2 parts water to 1 part feed until a soft mash is formed. Using hot water will speed up the process. Feed should be served cold. Allow up to one hour soaking time.

Soya Hulls, Oatfeed, Un-molassed sugar beet, Micronized Linseed, Wheatfeed, Pure Balance, Soya Oil, Salt

Feeding rate
400-600g per 100kg body weight depending on condition and work done.

Supplied in a 15kg bag

*Typical analysis, subject to change without notice

Analysis Table
Protein12%Vitamin C12mg/kgManganese57.6mg/kg
Oil6%Vitamin B163mg/kgZinc127mg/kg
Fibre24%Vitamin B120.1mg/kgSelenium0.46mg/kg
Naturally occurring sugar2%Vitamin B219mg/kgIodine0.7mg/kg
Starch7%Vitamin B619mg/kgSalt0.9%
Digestible Energy11MJ/kgNiacin100mg/kgCholine19mg/kg
Calcium0.5%Folic Acid31mg/kgLysine4.5g/kg
Vitamin A12000iu/kgNaturally occurring Iron372mg/kgBrewers Yeast1.2g/kg
Vitamin D32400iu/kgMagnesium0.25g/kgProfeed5g/kg
Vitamin E301.4mg/kgCopper41mg/kg

Professional Diet Recommendation

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